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About Bioaqualife

With over 20 years of experience in the shrinkwrap industry, we have had great insight into the difficulties of sustainable waste management, when dealing with waste stream from these materials.

Having installed many tons of shrinkwrap, we have faced the tough challenges of how to be responsible citizens. Many great efforts have been made with various recycling programs, but despite all the great efforts, the success rate of getting these plastics recycled is very low.

In a world that is becoming increasingly damaged by the over-production of and careless disposal of plastic products, we hope that the introduction of our recyclable and biodegradable plastics to the market will contribute to be part of the solution for plastic waste moving forward.

BioaqualifeTM was created to be a plastic product that when disposed of into the landfill would have the capability of breaking down through microbial activity – compared to traditional plastic which has an indefinite lifespan.